Innovation Nomination

The following examples provide a taste of the daily, video journalism and features produced by our fully integrated Information Center. Varsity Central Extra is a weekly, 30-minute special report on NewsCenter Now. Our photographers produce the sports action and features you see incorporated into this show.


Locally Grown was created and produced by The Journal News staff. Three staff photographers shot for multiple days to create this 30-minute cooking contest feature.


On April 15, 2007, a nor’easter flooded much of southern Westchester. While still learning the craft of video news reporting, Journal News photographers aggressively covered the story and created excellent news video and interviews for and NewsCenter Now.



Every week, Journal News photographers and reporters go into our video studio and produce six video franchise reports for and NewsCenter Now. Here are three examples.

Center Stage, a weekly look at Broadway.

Family Fun, a weekly look family-friendly events in the region.

In the Wings, a weekly look at local theater.

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